Penny Arcade Cardgame
In Penny Arcade: The Card Game, two players take on the roles of Gabe and Tycho from the famous Webcomic Penny Arcade. Now you can reenact their brutal yet hilarious battle for the watch with powerful attacks and crazy combos. Just remember, only one character can reign supreme. To the winner, the watch!

Designed by James Hata, Penny Arcade is a brand new experience. Each turn, you will have to employ your strength and intelligence to best effect to smash the face of your foe. Tycho, being the smarter of the two, can bring to bear many different Hijinks to ensure his victory. Using combinations of Attacks and Hijinks, Tycho can set up the perfect Really Big Word Attack. While not the brainy side of things, Gabe can serve up heaping helpings of pain with his brute strength. Firing off attack after attack can be just as effective as the big combinations his opponent will utilize, and nothing feels better than a shot to Tycho’s nether regions with Unsporting Conduct.

Each deck features the feel of the characters. Gabe’s sees him hiding behind the couch and using his apathy as the ultimate defense. Tycho summons forth his Vast Intellect to overwhelm the boy wonder, and loves nothing more than the feel of a natural 20 with Critical Strike.

For fans and newcomers alike, Penny Arcade is a fun, fast-paced cad game for two players. Though only one can walk away the victor, both sides will be itching for another go.

Penny Arcade is a card game for two players featuring the characters from the hit web comic of the same name. Gabe and Tycho employ various attacks, hijinks, and stuff they have acquired over the years to assist them in beating down their rival. Playable in less than 30 minutes, Penny Arcade is easy to learn and impossible to master.

Penny Arcade: The Card Game includes:
* Rulebook
* 2 Character Cards (1 Gabe, 1 Tycho)
* 18 Life Counters
* 1 Gabe Deck, consisting of 59 cards
* 1 Tycho Deck, consisting of 59 cards
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