Devil's Charge -The German Offensive; Battle of Bulge, December 1944
As the wintery morning fog lifts the sleepy American outpost on the frontier is rudely awoken when by the sounds of tank engines and orders shouted between troops in German. The small collection of a dozen American infantrymen has minutes, if not seconds, to prepare to face might of the German army! The Battle of the Bulge has begun!

Devil’s Charge is the second book in the Battle of the Bulge series. It covers the initial onslaught by Hitler’s favourite Sixth Armee on 16 December 1944. Players can take command of the very tip of the spear with SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper’s Panthers, Panzer IVs, Tiger II, and armoured infantry. If brute force isn’t your style you can also field Otto Skorzeny’s sneaky 150. Panzerbrigade. Skorzeny disguised his force to look like an American one in order to infiltrate behind enemy lines and cause pandemonium. You will have access to Panthers disguised as M10 tank destroyers and StuGs that look like Priests. Use stealth to get in behind enemy lines and race to the Meuse!

Defending the line were several American infantry divisions and a cavalry group, all of which gives players a variety of excellent troops for the job of stopping the German offensive. American players can field a Rifle Company, man a Perimeter Outpost, demolish bridges with an Engineer Combat Company, defend the gap with a Cavalry Squadron, or counterattack with a Light Tank Company. All sorts of new equipment is available, including the T34 Calliope rocket launchers, captured German artillery, and more!

Devil’s Charge places players in the cauldron of the early and decisive days of the Battle of the Bulge. At this point, the outcome of the battle is far from certain, so get out there and do your part for victory!

84 page full colour A4 Intelligence Handbook covering the forces on the northern shoulder, Battle of the Bulge, December 1944, and features two New German and five New US intelligence briefings.
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nimiDevil's Charge -The German Offensive; Battle of Bulge, December 1944valmistajaBattlefront Miniatures
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