Assyrian Wars
"Peace is not a condition between independent states. Peace is a service that can be bought...for tribute to the Assyrian King".

Assyrian Wars brings us back to the time of the ancient Mesopotamia. Assyrian Wars covers the ruler period of the last four great Assyrian Kings and the decline and Fall period till the destruction of the Assyrian Empire and the defeat of their Egyptian Allies, from 722 to 605 BC.

722 BC: Sargon II becomes King in Nineveh as new "King of the World". A couple of problems threaten the strongest and most effective Army the world has seen so far.

In the West an Assyrian Army is inflicting a hunger siege on Samaria in Israel. Will the Egyptian Pharaoh interfere? In the North the rampaging Uratu Kingdom is threatening the Assyrian borders. In the South Mardukkapallidin has become King of Babylonia. He started a revolt against Assyria, the mighty Elam in the Southeast joined him. In the East the innumerable Mede tribes become a growing threat. The first signs of a large migration from the North consisting of Cimmerian and Scythian tribes become visible. And all those minor state tribute refusers who need to be punished!

Will you as the Assyrian King maintain your Empire? Or will you as Babylonia, Mede, Elam, or Egypt free the world from Assyrian Tyranny?

Assyrian Wars is a multi player game, but with the Assyrian player against all others. Temporary Alliance changes possible. Conflicting trade interests may cause minor conflicts.

Each game turn represents the ruler period of one Assyrian King, the last turn decline and fall. Turns are divided into impulses. Follow the order of states on the impulse track each card played represents an impulse. Assyrian Wars combines the advantages of point to point games with the Blitzkrieg General system reckoning ancient warfare. Assyrian Wars gives an easy entry for beginners. Still the game provides complex games situations depending on players strategy. Every game is different for nobody knows which random cards a player gets in addition to his fixed home cards.

For the experienced players there are challenging specials like Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry, Bowmen, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Horsebowmen, and Chariots. Assyrian Wars allows detailed siege warfare. 87 cities are waiting for you to take them. Can you overcome the massive city walls and water your horses at the Rivers of Babylon?

Game Components:
* 2 Sheets with 352 "large" die cut COUNTERS
* 1 Sheets with 280 "small" die cut COUNTERS
* MAP One DIN A 1 full-color mapsheet
* CARDS 110 full color Strategy Cards
* Six 6-sided dice
* Rulebook
* Tutorial book with detailed first turn example
* Player Aid cards

Game Features:
* TIME SCALE 722 BC to 605 BC
* Divided into 5 turns consisting of card generated impulses
* MAP SCALE Point-to-point system
* The Game comes with 3 secnarios.
* Designed by Udo Grebe

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